By using our website, you accept and will be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Terms and definitions:

The Site – fully automatic site for exchange your skins in cash.
You - An individual who uses the Website
Services - Services provided by The Site through the website.

    We do our best to protect the website from various malware, viruses, spyware, etc. But we cannot give You absolute guarantees that the site is free from them. If You fulfill any downloads from the website, You are doing it at your own risk. The game content present on the website, such as logos, text, images, graphics, data compilations are the property of the game publisher or the licensors and are protected by the international copyright laws. All transactions are carried out by an intermediary whose delay are not dependent on us, we reserve the possibility of delaying the transaction up to 5 working days. All PayPal transactions are reduced by 10%, plus all PayPal and BTC transactions are sent in US $ converted at the rate of the day. The amount that the user receives through the PSC also sees in his panel. The PSC is sent in codes to be used.
    To perform a successful transaction You should apply to the following rules: • Steam Mobile was installed for at least SEVEN days before performing transactions with the Site to confirm the status of in-game content transaction; • STEAM Guard was activated on the current device for at least FIFTEEN days before performing transactions with the Site; • STEAM password was not changed for at least FIVE days before performing transactions with the Site. If your STEAM account was inactive for the last two months, the STEAM password should not be changed for the last THIRTY days before committing transactions with the Site; • The device with previously installed STEAM application was not changed for at least SEVEN days before performing transactions with the Site. • Your age should be over 18 years old. If any of the conditions listed above is not fulfilled by You, the Site has the right to cancel transaction with or without compensation from your side.
    The using of real money for any purchase of in-game services is against the terms and conditions for many online games. The game providers can terminate your account if you break the terms. The Site is not responsible for any actions made against Your account after the transaction. The Site will not refund You anything after the termination of your account.
    The Site might need more information in case of payment to ensure the authorized access to Your account. Additional verification might consist of: • Text message to a contracted phone number • The phone call via a contracted phone number • Verification via social media • Your transactions history • Your payment history • Government-issued Photo ID, etc. The Site uses the following identity verification means to avoid defrauding. If You fail to verify The Site’s request, your transaction can be seized and/or the payment will be refunded within 24 hours. The Site reserves the right to stop doing business with You if You fail to verify Your identity.
    You are liable for any unauthorized access to Your account at any time. The Site does not supersede the products and services that have been stolen or lost in any case. After The Site has fulfilled the deal, The Site is free from all responsibilities. This comprises partially fulfilled transactions as well.
  6. FRAUD
    The Site tries to prevent defrauding with the help of identity verification procedure. In case Your transaction is revoked after a completed order, The Site reserves the right to keep back the reversed amount from your account. The Site reserves the right to demand repayment for all revoked transactions if the deal has been agreed.
    The deal cannot be cancelled by You on any step after the confirmation in the STEAM system. The deal can be cancelled unilaterally by the Site on any step based on the support expertise of the Site without further explanations. The Site undertakes to pay the exact amount stated in the email to the payment account chosen by You. If the Site is unable to do so for any reason, the Site may ask You to provide the alternative payment account. If You cannot provide the Site with the alternative payment information for any reason, the Site is entitled to return You items on its consideration. The items are no longer refundable if the Site has already performed a payout on the payment account provided by You. If you are dissatisfied with the transactions with The Site on some issues, you can notify The Site via Live Support system or email. We will examine your complaint and inform you as soon as possible. The Site uses its Trade History to confirm the transaction. If the transaction is completed in the Trade History, it means it is posed to Steam’s servers and is completed. We cannot help with further complaints if the transaction is completed in our Trade History.
    You cannot use the services of The Site as an escrow service. In case you are suspected of using the services of The Site as a form of escrow, The Site can keep your funds for up to 24 hours to examine the case. After this, The Site will make a decision as to the future of your cooperation. We cede the responsibility in cases when the seller gives information for people other than themselves. Giving another party’s information, the seller cedes all rights to demand the fulfillment of the deal.
    All trademarks and copyright are the property of their respective owners. The accumulation of all content on this website is the property of The Site exclusively and is protected by the international and domestic copyright laws. The website’s software is the property of The Site or its suppliers of the software and is also protected by the international and domestic copyright laws.
    You agree to defend and indemnify The Site and its affiliates, vendors, contractors and content suppliers from all responsibility, expenses and claims, comprising attorney’s fees appeared due to the break of the Terms and Conditions agreement for which you are liable or in relation of Your distribution of any content on or through The Site’s website.
    You agree that this Terms and Conditions agreement is not going to grant any rights or remedies upon any other person other than the parties to these Terms.
    If The Site fails to enforce any of the issues of this Terms and Conditions agreement, it does not mean that The Site repudiates this issue. Any renunciation of any of the issues of this agreement is effective only after signed by The Site in writing.
    If some part of this agreement is avowed unenforceable or invalid, this part should be interpreted in correspondence with the applicable law to reveal the intention of The Site. The rest parts will remain in full force.