USP-S 36 skins
P2000 30 skins
Glock-18 46 skins
Dual Berettas 35 skins
Desert Eagle 35 skins
P250 47 skins
Five-SeveN 35 skins
CZ75-Auto 32 skins
Tec-9 39 skins
R8 Revolver 21 skins


AK-47 46 skins
M4A4 40 skins
M4A1-S 35 skins
FAMAS 33 skins
Galil AR 33 skins
AUG 37 skins
SG 553 34 skins
AWP 40 skins
SSG 08 33 skins
SCAR-20 26 skins
G3SG1 28 skins
Nova 37 skins
Sawed-Off 32 skins
MAG-7 33 skins
XM1014 35 skins
Negev 22 skins
M249 21 skins
MAC-10 46 skins
P90 41 skins
MP5-SD 16 skins
UMP-45 37 skins
PP-Bizon 33 skins
MP7 34 skins
MP9 33 skins


Karambit 35 skins
M9 Bayonet 35 skins
Kukri Knife 13 skins
Talon Knife 25 skins
Skeleton Knife 13 skins
Classic Knife 13 skins
Bayonet 35 skins
Stiletto Knife 25 skins
Ursus Knife 25 skins
Paracord Knife 13 skins
Nomad Knife 13 skins
Survival Knife 13 skins
Huntsman Knife 35 skins
Flip Knife 35 skins
Bowie Knife 35 skins
Falchion Knife 35 skins
Gut Knife 35 skins
Navaja Knife 25 skins
Shadow Daggers 35 skins

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